inomed ISIS Xpress – Full function IOM in a lightweight and portable form factor

The new ISIS Xpress for intraoperative neuromonitoring from inomed is the portable version of the gold standard ISIS IOM system.

The ISIS Xpress benefits from a new custom designed, space-saving and lightweight console – ideal for easy transport and IOM service delivery applications >>.

The ISIS Xpress transport trolley bag has been designed to be compatible with airline hand luggage regulations. This enables easy and safe transport and is especially suitable for quick airport check-in.

Minimal setup time and quick start

The inomed ISIS Xpress is based on a modular design concept; the system console can be configured with a range of inomed USB amplifier and stimulator modules. This means the system console can quickly and easily be configured for a comprehensive range of IOM modalities.
As an example, for IOM applications requiring, electrical stimulation, referential recoding, EMG channels and an auditory stimulator, the ISIS Xpress IOM system console can be configured with the following modules;  
an ISIS Neurostimulator >>, 2 X ISIS Amplifier Headboxes and audio stimulator. With the addition of a notebook computer and inomed NeuroExplorer software, the package delivers the most flexible and comprehensive intraoperative system configuration on the market.

The inomed Xpress IOM system stimulator and amplifier modules are pre-cabled and integrated into the system console, which is connected to the notebook computer via a single USB cable. The windows based NeuroExplorer software auto boots to enable quick setup in the OR. The complete system is ready to start delivering optimum patient monitoring performance with a minimal setup time in the OR.

ISIS IOM family – Designed to meet your particular application needs

The inomed ISIS IOM family consists of 3 form factors, these comprise - the ISIS Highline IOM System, the ISIS Compact IOM System, the new, ISIS Xpress IOM System. All ISIS IOM systems benefit from  being able to be configured to use an electrical stimulation (range 0.01 - 250 mA) with 12 + 1 stimulation channels, a wide range ISIS USB Amplifier Headbox modules delivering unrivaled performance and flexibility for the most demanding intraoperative neuromonitoring >> applications.

inomed IOM systems are best in class, delivering

  • A range of form factors
  • Flexibility of configuration
  • No compromise on the range of IOM modalities
  • Ease of use

Choose the form factor and platform that best meets your requirements, choose the gold standard in IOM, choose inomed.

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